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High price point and graininess aside, I was smitten. I took my half tub back to dry Calgary for Christmas and positively slathered myself in the stuff. If youre familiar with shea butter than you can probably guess that I was very slippery for most.

I cant remember if shea butter was the third or the fifth ingredient I discovered. I know it was somewhere after argan oil and beeswax, but well before mango butter and pumpkin seed oil. I got my first wee tub at Torontos St. Lawrence Market.

Anyhow! After all this rhapsodizing, lets get into the recipes: I adore shea butter in my soap, and youll find it in the vast majority of my soap recipes. This one is loaded with clay, making it extra creamy and luxurious. I love it! This.

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In the years since I first got started Ive discovered many other butters, but shea butter remains an old standby. Cause its awesome. Shea butter is the thick, creamy, slightly tacky butter from the shea nut. It absorbs into the skin quite slowly, and is.

I quickly realized I needed to find a cheaper shea supplier, which led me to the internet, where shea butter is closer to 8/kilo (a far cry from the 200/kilo the stuff at the market sold for!). With that lower price point, shea butter started.

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Pop some on before bed and enjoy your much happier schnoz the following morning! This super-simple recipe has earned some rave reviews from readers. Angela shared this: My 2 year old had a bad case of eczema on the back of his legs that he.

The varieties from Burkina Faso tend to be more expensive, and they are usually nicer, with a fainter scent and a smoother melt. The unrefined versions tend to have a characteristic smokey sort of scent, and the unrefined versions smell faintly of fatnothing very distinctive.

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