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Ask me no more questions. Give me no more lies. The boys are in the restroom zipping up their- Flies are in the meadow The bees are in the park. Miss Suzy and her boyfriend Are kissing in the D. A. R. K. D-A-R-K. D-A-R-K.

August till now was a long time. Heidi's version Miss Suzy had a steamboat The steamboat had a bell. Miss Suzy went to heaven The steamboat went to- Hello operator. Give me number nine If you disconnect me I'll kick your big be- 'Hind the.

Dark is like a movie A movie's like a show A show is like a tv set And that is all I know. Here's Jus's version Miss Suzy had a speed boat The speed boat had a bell Miss Suzy went to heaven The speed.

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Dark! Dark! Darker then the ocean Darker the the sea Darker the the panty-hoes My mommie puts on me My brother is annoying My dad is hong kong My very little sister Is the one who made up this Song! Song! Song!

Hello operator Please give me number nine And if you disconnect me I will chop off your. Behind the 'fridgerator There was a piece of glass Miss Lucy sat upon it And she cut her little. Ask me no more questions I'll tell you no.

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Sung to : The Merry Melodies theme song, from the old Warner. Brothers cartoons. Also known as : Miss Suzy Also see : Miss Lucy Had A Baby Contributors. Heidi Stephens (Cincinnati, OH) Jim Rugh (Houston, TX) Dara Ryan (unknown) Jus Morhaim (unknown) Rating. Sassy.

5 6 Her family owned an Antebellum period summer house in Arden, North Carolina, which has since been made into a bed-and-breakfast named the Blake House Inn. Graffiti from her childhood visits are preserved in an upstairs bedroom closet. Her mother was an alcoholic and.

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