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Before they found a plane, Claire was able to get in contact with Leon via a computer; Leon, who had gained employment within the US government's covert Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team, got in contact with Chris and sent him her location. Escaping the Antarctica.

In 2005, TerraSave set its eyes on WilPharma, an American pharmaceutical company that reached headlines following its connection to a t-Virus outbreak in India. The incident was in fact a bioterrorist attack, which WilPharma provided a t-Vaccine to combat. The terror attack was covered up.

Her freedom was bought when her brother led him into a fight, giving her time to prepare a Harrier jet for take-off. Chris arrived mere seconds ahead of the explosion, but they were able to escape without damage to the plane. Harvardville Incident (2005) ".

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Claire quickly discovered the zombies coming towards the station, and she was saved by Leon S. Kennedy, who also stopped at the station after investigating the convenience store. After driving towards the city, they were separated by a fiery accident, but they both fought their way.

Children of a G-virus carrier are more likely to accept a G-virus embryo, and Sherry faced death if she was not cured. Claire managed to find Sherry and carried her to the underground laboratory for treatment on her mother's insistence. Fighting mutants throughout the lab.

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"G" survived the final battle with Claire and attacked the train during the ride; Leon and Claire teamed up to defeat "G and the train car it attacked was disconnected and sent hurtling back into the imploding lab. Leon promised to take care of Sherry and.

Her brother soon learned of her situation and rescued her. In 2005, Claire confronted the t-Virus again when she arrived at Harvardville Airport to meet some friends. While surviving in the airport, she was reunited with Leon, now a U.S. Government agent, who had been.

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