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Moral outrage, however, met its match with the 1929 stock market crash. Dizzy from a diseased economy, Atlantic City decided to resurrect the supposed flesh peddling in 1933. There was outcry over another contestant being married; someone else developed appendicitis. The entire affair was hobbled.

In 1922, Norman Rockwell sat on the judging panel, which was frequently made up of artists; in 1923, winners were announced on national radio; by 1925, a Miss America could earn between 50,000 and 100,000 in appearance fees, more than Babe Ruth's annual income. Rather.

(It was on loan; she had to give it back the following year.) The whole affair was tame, even by 1920s standards: To calm pre-show chatter, organizers stressed the women would be wearing minimal make-up and rejecting salaciously-bobbed hair. But controversy was still stirring. Bathing.

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In the 1920s, the sight of parading, questionably-dressed women in a competition of vanity angered womens and religious groups; that some contestants turned out to be married was unthinkable. Gorman smiled and waved. For now, she was proud to be Miss America. By 1928, the.

For the papers, it was a way to increase circulation; for the Boardwalk, a way to keep tourists occupied. As President Warren G. Harding congratulated heror, as. The Washington Post later reported, ogled herMrs. Harding looked on, telling the press that the pictures in the.

A Bathers Revue had the women dress for the beach. Gorman charmed just about everyone there and won several titles, though Miss America wasnt one of them. The unofficial title came a year later, when a new Miss Washington D.C. was crowned and organizers needed.

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Organizers demanded a retraction, as Gauvreau had no proof, but his story had already made the rounds. On the heels of claims from jilted contestants that professional models were making for an uneven playing fieldmany entrants were literally girls from small townsthe event was reeling.

Polly Walker, a former pageant contestant, later came out in defense of the criticism. Pageants, she said, made women selfish. She must think of herself alone. It is I-I-I and a frantic desire and greed to win. Walker explained the hunger for victory was such.

Just three days after being declared the most beautiful bathing girl in America, Margaret Gorman was holding hands with the President of the United States. With one more year of high school still ahead of her, Gorman, 16, had won multiple awards in the Inter-City Beauty Contest.

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