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Since he still has some change left after eating the chocolate, he uses it to buy another Wonka bar, which he intends to bring home. On leaving the candy store, he learns from people talking that the ticket found by the millionaire was a forgery.

They begin floating skyward and are nearly sucked into a ceiling-mounted exhaust fan. To avoid this grisly fate, they burp repeatedly until they return to the ground. Wonka initially seems unaware of this incident, but when Charlie becomes the last remaining child on the tour.

Wonka dismisses them. Grandpa Joe suggests that Charlie give Slugworth the gobstopper in revenge; however, Charlie places the gobstopper on Wonka's desk. Wonka apologizes and reveals that "Slugworth" was an employee, named Mr. Wilkinson. The offer to buy the gobstopper was part of a morality.

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As they soar over the city, Wonka tells Charlie that his prize isn't just the chocolate but the factory itself; the Golden Ticket search was created to help Wonka find an honest child worthy to be his heir. Charlie and his family will live in.

Charlie Bucket, saddened that he has no money, stares through the window as the owner sings "Candy Man". The newsagent Mr. Jopeck, for whom Charlie works after school, gives him his weekly pay, which Charlie uses to buy a loaf of bread. On his way.

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Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory is a 1971 musical film adaptation of the 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, directed by Mel Stuart, and starring. Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. The film tells the story of. Charlie Bucket (Peter Ostrum, in.

Paris Themmen as Mike Teavee Denise Nickerson as Violet Beauregarde. Michael Bollner as Augustus Gloop Diana Sowle as Mrs. Bucket Roy Kinnear as Mr. Salt Dodo Denney as Mrs. Teevee Leonard Stone as Mr. Sam Beauregarde Ursula Reit as Mrs. Gloop Günter Meisner as Mr.

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